Reading Cultural Landscapes:

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Beatrice Skordili

The theme of 'translation' will be demonstrated literally by exploration of the landscape and cultural history of the island of Corfu, the archaeological site of Butrint in neighbouring Albania, and the native village of Nicholas Gage at Lia on the Greek mainland in the mountain region of Epirus.

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Reading Cultural Landscapes:

In a series of discussion-oriented seminars, we will explore a range of literary and theoretical materials relating to Corfu itself and our experience of the island.

This will, by necessity, include topics such as Corfu's colonial history; the politics of representation and travel; and more theoretical notions of reterritorialization and postcoloniality. Most importantly, the texts and topics will relate directly to the excursions occuring during the Durrell School of Corfu's programme and to our experiences on the island.

Texts are available through this site (in .pdf), or you can arrange to pick them up from the DSC offices in Week One.


  • Durrell :: "Oil for the Saint"
  • Durrell :: "Corfu"
  • HD :: "Vision on the Wall"
Recommended Readings:
  • Memmi :: "The Colonial"
  • Said :: "Overlapping Territories, Intertwined Histories"
  • Gifford :: "'CORFU LANDSCAPES Real & Imaginary'" >
Participants may also find it useful (or at least entertaining) to explore other Corfu-oriented texts with a critical eye to the topics we will discuss in the seminar. Among the many available, Durrell's Prospero's Cell, Mary Stewart's This Rough Magic, and Emma Tennant's A House in Corfu are readily available and are in the DSC library.

"The Art of Biography: Lawrence Durrell" Seminar, 2002

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