The Durrell School of Corfu maintains a reading library on its premises in Corfu Town, Greece. The library aims to contribute to the local community, Humanities scholars visiting Corfu, and for research on Lawrence and Gerald Durrell. The library holds an extensive collection of primary and ancillary materials in support of these aims.

The primary language of holdings is English, with a strong emphasis on literary materials. Further holdings in Greek and French augment the collection. A small collection of manuscripts and research papers are also available for scholarly research.

Durrell School of Corfu Library

For Library members and casual visitors:
Lending facilities and events for members take place on a regular basis. Plans are advanced for extended lending hours for the Library. At present the office and Library are attended on Wednesdays only (10am-12.30pm).

For groups attending seminars or group visits:
The facilities are normally open during seminar and group activity periods.


The DSC Library Catalogue is currently under construction. A preliminary and partial checklist of the library contents is available in .pdf.

Find the checklist here.

Strengths of the library include the works of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell; literature of and about Corfu, Greece, and the Mediterranean; literary criticism in English, and contemporary Greek literature.

Donations that will develop the library and build its strengths are encouraged and welcomed.

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