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Corfu's Asian Art Museum

The Durrell School of Corfu opens each annual session with a symposium that examines themes of importance to the Durrells and to our world. The first symposium in 2002 took "Understanding Misunderstanding" as its central theme and it included distinguished leaders in politics, economics, the arts and environmental studies among its participants.

Keynote speakers in 2004 include: Gayatry Chakravorty Spivak, Columbia University professor and cultural theorist; Lee Durrell from the Durrell World Wildlife Trust; and David Bellamy, internationally acclaimed ecologist and botanist.

Previous participants have included: John Brandon of the Asia Foundation; Elemer Hankiss, dean of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Marwan Bishara from the American Univerisity of Paris; and the environmentalist David Bellamy.

The Venetian Winged Lion



Following the success of its 2002 and 2003 summer sessions, the Durrell School of Corfu will open its 2004 program (June 13-25) with a two-day symposium on

Globalisation and Nationalism
(June 13-14, 2004)

The DSC invites submission of proposals for short papers (15-20 minutes) on any aspect of the subject, but emphasis on the cultural effects of the debate will be given priority. What does "globalisation" actually mean, and how do various countries and cultures deal with it in all its parameters are the main questions to be discussed. The economic, social, and political aspects of globalisation will be subjects for discussion in addition to the cultural and ecological effects. The relative merits and disadvantages of the trends will also find a place in the debate.

The symposium participants will assemble on the evening of June 12th to discuss the structure of the event, during which they will make their presentations and join the general response discussions at the end of each day.

Keynote speakers include Lee Durrell, Honorary Director, Durrell World Wildlife Trust; David Bellamy, internationally acclaimed ecologist and botanist; Gayatry Chakravorty Spivak, Columbia University professor and cultural theorist.

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The registration fee for the Symposium is 100 Euros. The participants are also welcome to take part in the DSC program as Visiting Scholars during the following two weeks, which will be broken into two parts of one week each. The subjects covered in the tutorials and lectures will continue the themes of the Symposium and include Reading Cultural Landscapes, the Mediterranean and the Hellenic World, ecology (the landscape and mindscape of the physical world), modernism in art, literature and theory, gastronomy (the cuisine and culture of the Ionian Islands), post-colonialism in literature and theory with emphasis on India, and translation (reading cultural paradigms in various societies). The program also includes several field classes. The fees for the DSC will be discounted for Symposium participants who wish to participate.

Proposals should be received before February 1, 2004, consist of no more than two double-spaced typed pages, and should be sent to the symposium moderator,

Dr. Brewster Chamberlin
POB 490
Key West Florida 33041
E-mail: [email protected]
In absentia presentations are not possible for the Symposium. In addition to each speaker's presentation, the Symposium aims to create a scholarly environment for extensive discussion and spirited interaction among the participants.

The Durrell School of Corfu offers the adventurous and enquiring mind a route to greater understanding of the global environment and the modern world, with its roots in Mediterranean culture, in the temperate and welcoming atmosphere of the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, deep in the blue Ionian Sea.

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